Corona Lake & Santa Ana River Lakes

If judged, by the pounds of fish stocked to the Lakes water volume, they may be the heaviest stocked Lakes period. This abundant concentration of fish, almost guarantees a memorable and successful fishing trip.
Due to the Lakes popularity and heavy fishing pressure, we stock the Lakes at least twice weekly, some times even more. During special promotions, tons and tons of fish are stocked to ensure that
limits are the rule of the day.
Corona Lake & Santa Ana River Lakes are some of the most highly publicized and most written about lakes in the Southern California area. Not only are they famous for the many stringers and
huge limits of fish that are produced here, but their main claim to fame is the MONSTER size fish that come out of these Lakes. It’s no secret why they are called the “HOME OF THE SUPER FISH”.
They are easy to fish, easy to get to, right off the Freeway, inexpensive, $7 – $20 for a whole day of fishing and the chance to bring home a free meal, fish for dinner. It’s no wonder why Santa Ana River Lakes is the most fished Lake anywhere – 2000 to 5000 fisherman PER WEEK. With numbers like that, it should tell you that this is a great place to fish. That many fisherman can’t be wrong.
Many of the California State Records were produced at these Lakes. Santa Ana River Lakes holds the State Record for the largest Rainbow Trout at 27.50 pounds!! The Corona Lake record was the largest Rainbow caught in the State last year at 23.50 pounds. Corona Lake also held the State Record for the largest Catfish at over 61 pounds!! It also held the State Record for the largest
Channel Cat at over 52 Pounds!!
Big fish like these are caught all the time. It’s not an every once in a while event, it happens daily. In fact, if your fish isn’t over 10 pounds, it hardly gets a second look. You do not need to travel 1,000’s of miles or spend tons of money trying to catch big Trophy Fish, fantastic fishing is right in your own back yard.
The lakes are primarily stocked with Rainbow Trout & Channel Catfish, Wiper, (Hybrid Striped Bass) Sturgeon, Large Mouth Bass, Crappie and Bluegill have been stocked. We are stocking all
the time.
The promoters, Doug Elliott and Bill Andrews, were the originators of the highly promotionalized, trophy stocking, fee for fishing concessions in the Southern California area many years ago. And
just recently, Doug and Bill re-acquired these Lakes and the fishing has never been better. Their many years of successful hands on experience, ensures that when you come fishing at one of these
lakes, your chances of catching fish, and possibly even a “Trophy Fish” are better here than anywhere.
Corona Lake is located in the foothills of Corona, just minutes away from the hustle and bustle of near by Orange County. The Lake is surrounded by big oak canyons and lush green meadow lands.
The views of the Lake and surrounding areas are breath taking. The Lake is naturally fed from near by mountain run off and natural springs. The Lake also has a lot of fishing structure, perfect for the serious angler.

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